Technology Benefits

 FastFast and Accurate

  1. Fast machining (high axis speed), especially of thin materials
  2. High mechanical precision
  3. Very small kerf width (>20 microns)


quality Top-Notch Quality

  1. Consistent high-quality cutting 
  2. Parallel kerf walls (no V-shape) due to cylindrical beam
  3. Smooth cutting surfaces and sharp edges
  4. High-precision components, machine assembled in Switzerland


coolCool & Clean

  1. Virtually no heat impact thanks to water jet cooling capability (no HAZ, no material change, no oxidation , high fracture strength)
  2. Clean cutting surfaces, no depositions or burrs
  3. No gas emissions, low water consumption


easy Easy to Use

  1. No focus adjustment required due to long working distance
  2. No or very little post-treatment necessary
  3. No cutting gas or protective layers required
  4. Ergonomic touch screen, comfortable operation


versatile Versatile & Modular

  1. Wide range of materials (conductive or non-conductive)
  2. Variable cutting depths
  3. Wide range of applications/ operations
  4. Possibility to cut non-flat surfaces (3D-cutting and shaping)
  5. Ability to use different laser sources/ different nozzle sizes/ parameters


cost Low Cost of Ownership

  1. No tool wear (blade saws etc.)
  2. Low water consumption
  3. Minimal material loss/ waste rates
  4. High throughput/ increasing customer yields

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