Turbine Drilling Systems

Synova’s cutting-edge Laser MicroJet® (LMJ) systems with 3 or 5 axes are perfectly suited for machining high-precision parts in the energy and aviation industry. The hybrid water jet/ laser method provides precise through-hole drilling in hot section components of industrial gas turbines such as blades for cooling that require special materials such as thermal barrier coatings.

Superalloys with or without thermal barrier coating can be processed in one simple step, without cracks or delamination in the ceramic coating and extremely low recast in the metal structure. The LMJ systems are able to drill round and shaped holes at high process speed and with excellent quality.

MCS (Metal Cutting Systems)

MCS 300

MCS 300

The MCS 300 integrates Synova’s Laser MicroJet® technology with a Makino-based platform. The 3-axis machine enables high-precision metal and hard material machining such as cutting, drilling and grooving.

MCS 500

MCS 500

The MCS 500 in Makino’s machine platform offers a precise XYZ stage, a large sturdy mounting table and a cast iron machine frame. With its simultaneous 5 axes function is specifically designed for 3D machining needs and drilling in industrial gas turbine and jet engine components. 

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Typical Applications

These machines are ideal for the following industries:

Industrial Applications

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