OEM Partnerships

As part of Synova’s continuous commitment to advance and expand the capabilities and performance of its water jet-guided technology, Laser MicroJet®, Synova has established agreements with leading technology players. Synova's Distribution OEM partners have a licence to integrate the Laser MicroJet® technology in their own machines and sell their machines with our technology inside. Synova's Manufacturing OEM partners deliver their machine platform to Synova, who adds the Laser MicroJet and sells the machine.

To date, Synova is involved with the following partners:  



Having established a cooperation for common application development in 2009 with Makino Milling Machine Co. Ltd. based in Tokyo and Synova SA enters on January 1st, 2012 into an agreement for the manufacturing of Laser MicroJet® (LMJ) machines based on Makino machine technology. Target markets for the new LMJ machines are high-precision metal and hard-material processing industries such as Aerospace, Energy (Industrial Gas Turbines), Defense, Medical, Automotive, Tool Making, and General Micro-Machining.

The LMJ technology enables substantial reduction of total cost of ownership in material processing. The water guided laser beam cuts and drills perfectly parallel and clean kerfs or holes with virtually no heat impact. As a consequence, production can be operated at lower waste rates, operational steps can be eliminated and the process allows producing parts that cannot be achieved at the same quality level with any other manufacturing process. LMJ technology has already been widely used in various high-precision application fields including metal, hard material and semiconductor manufacturing.

The new manufacturing cooperation will bring together Synova’s long-standing process application know-how with Makino’s excellence as one of the world’s leading industrial machine manufacturer. A first prototype of the LMJ machine has already been built in 2011, a beta-prototype was ready in 2012. The new machine series (MCS 300-3, MCS 500-5), built by Makino and sold by Synova (Makino/ SST in the US) under the brand of Synova are now available.