Silicon Carbide Wafer Edge Profiling with LCS 305

Synova's 5-axis LCS 305 CNC machine with LMJ technology enables better wafer profile repeatability and circular symmetry than typical edge grinding wheels. The processing speed and low tool wear also help to reduce the total cost of ownership for wafer processing.

Cutting and Turning with LMJ®: Shaping a Miniature Figure

Watch how a small piece of stainless steel is cut and shaped into a delicate lady figure by our Laser Microjet®. Our water jet guided laser can remove the material in a single operation, ensuring no thermal damage and preserving a smooth surface with impeccably sharp edges.

Laser MicroJet®: Cutting Delicate Shapes on a Thin Ceramic Plate

Discover the capabilities of our water jet laser as it effortlessly cuts through a 0.65 mm-thick alumina ceramic plate. Experience the finesse of our cutting applications, from slotting to drilling, all while maintaining flawless precision that prevents micro-cracks and thermal damage.

Cutting and Drilling Thick Ceramics (ZTA) with LCS 303

Our LCS 303 can process a wide variety of materials, from ultra hard and brittle materials such as ceramics, to complex composites. In this video, you will see how our laser cut through a 15 mm thick piece of Zirconia toughened Alumina without inducing any micro-cracks.

Cutting Tungsten Oscillating Masses (Watch Industry)

Cutting oscillating masses made out of heavy metals such as tungsten is a demanding task because tungsten is a difficult material to machine. In this video, you will see how precisely the LCS 303 cuts fancy shapes of oscillating masses without thermal damage or deformation.

Fancy Shaping: Heart Shape

The "DaVinci Diamond Factory" is an automated laser cutting & shaping system for diamonds. In this video, you see the processes involved in cutting a 4 mm thick CVD diamond, from planning to determining the facet cutting order and alignment to shaping the heart in one go.

Cutting a Titanium Epicyclic Gear Train and Alumina Rotor

See how the water jet guided Laser MicroJet® effortlessly cuts tough titanium and challenging ceramics. The LCS 303 laser cutting system produces intricate functional parts with minimal material loss and excellent surface quality.

Cutting Thin-Walled Shape from SiC

In this video, you will see how Synova's 3-axis LCS 303 cuts a thin-walled shape from a 15 mm thick piece of silicon carbide (SiC), an advanced ceramic material that is extremely hard and brittle.

LCS 303 - Engraving Synova Logo on SiC

Watch this video to see ablation with Laser MicroJet. The logo is engraved into a 4 mm thick silicon carbide disk of 64 mm diameter - vertical walls and low thermal damage

Fancy Shaping: Emerald Cut in Semi-Precious Gemstone

This video shows the fancy shaping process of a Tsavorite gemstone with an Emerald cut, using our 5-axis DaVinci laser cutting system - an automated laser cutting and shaping system for diamonds.

LCS 50 - Cutting a PCD endmill with 5-axis machine

Watch this video to see how a PCD endmill is cut with Synova's 5-axis LCS 50.

Synova SA - Corporate Video (Shortened Version 2'32")

Synova is the pioneer in the field of laser technology and the inventor of the water jet guided laser. By combining the elements of water and light, Synova has created a revolutionary cutting technology, the Laser MicroJet. Today, we employ over 120 people.

Synova SA - Corporate Video (Shortened Version 1'20")

Synova is the pioneer in the field of laser technology and the inventor of the water jet guided laser. By combining the elements of water and light, Synova has created a revolutionary cutting technology, the Laser MicroJet. 
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Venus Jewel uses Synova's LMJ technology for diamond cutting

The DCS 300 diamond cutting system is particularly well suited for cutting larger diamonds (5 carats or more). Watch this video, from Venus Jewel - World Leaders in Solitaires, to see how a 143.45 Cts diamond is cut.


Synova SA - Corporate Video | Synergy of Water & Light (Original)

Synova is the pioneer in the field of laser technology and the inventor of the water jet guided laser. By combining the elements of water and light, Synova has created a revolutionary cutting technology, the Laser MicroJet.
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The cutting of 342-carat Queen of Kalahari diamond with DSC 300

The Queen of Kalahari diamond, an extraordinary 342-carat stone of perfect colour and absolute purity, was cut on a Synova DCS 300 Laser Diamond Cutting System with water jet guided laser technology.

LCS 303 - Cutting Thin Ceramics (Alumina)

The 3-axis LCS 303 is a highly accurate and reliable laser cutting system. Applications include high precision machining of watch components, medical devices, and electronic parts. Watch this video to see how a 0.7mm thin piece of ceramic (alumina) is cut.

Cutting, Faceting and Turning with LMJ®: Circular Saw Blade

This video shows the cutting, faceting and turning functions of the LMJ with the DCS 50, forming an PCD circular saw blade within 2 hours, which is 3 times faster than a conventional laser could do.

25 Years of Synova - Cutting Anniversary Seal Stamp

To celebrate our company anniversary we cut the anniversary logo out of 6 mm thick brass. Watch this video to see how to cut a seal stamp with our DCS 50.

Cutting Fine Geometries with Hair-Thin Walls

This video shows fine 5 x 3 mm geometries with hair-thin walls being cut into a 1 mm thick copper plate using the LCS 303.

Edge Trimming of SiC Boule

This video shows the edge trimming of a 20 mm thick Silicon Carbide (SiC) Boule, reducing its diameter from 150 mm to 148 mm using the LCS 300.

Fine Cutting in Thick Metals - Spinnerets

The hybrid LMJ method combines a laser with a hair-thin water jet. The cylindrical beam can be guided over a large working distance of up to 100 mm, enabling parallel high aspect ratio kerfs. This video shows fine cutting in thick metals with LMJ, namely the cutting of spinneret forms.

Backstrike Protection With Laser MicroJet

This video explains how to protect backwalls by blowing air or using a water jet to disturb the laser beam after material breakthrough (for parts with difficult access to back walls such as turbine blades) or by using protective material such as Teflon for open parts.

Coring and Slicing of a CVD Diamond crystal | Laser MicroJet® systems

To generate slices from grown CVD diamond crystals (further used as seeds), the following steps must be carried out:                                    Coring: Removal of PCD-graphite layer

Slicing: Cutting cube in thin slices

Demonstrating Cutting Depth | Laser MicroJet® systems

The application video shows the process of cutting steps out of a 7 mm thick silicon carbide piece and then slicing all steps in one go - without height adjustment and taper!


LCS 800 - 3-axis Laser MicroJet® Cutting System from Synova

The 3-axis laser cutting machine LCS 800 with integrated Laser MicroJet® technology is a robust and versatile system conceived for a multitude of high-precision cutting and drilling applications in different industrial sectors.

First Automated Laser Cutting and Shaping System for Diamonds

DaVinci Diamond Factory is an automated laser cutting and shaping system for diamonds. Rough diamonds can be transformed into brilliant cut diamonds with up to 57 facets in a single process. The DaVinci system also allows fancy shaping.  

Laser MicroJet® (LMJ) Technology: 3D Cutting of a Watch Case - Aluminium

Watch this video to see how Laser MicroJet® (LMJ) is used to 3D cut a watch case from a aluminium block.


Cutting of Tool Inserts Made of Polycrystalline Diamond and WC

Watch this video to see how Laser MicroJet® (LMJ) is used to cut tool inserts for a rotation tool. Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) on tungsten carbide (WC); Thickness: 2mm (0.5mm PCD and 1.5mm WC); Effective processing speed: above 4.5mm/min; Clearance angle: from 1 to 45°. 


Laser MicroJet® systems: Cutting a Silicon Slotted Ring

Watch this video to see how Laser MicroJet® (LMJ) is used to cut 45 mm long slots into silicon. Material: Silicon; Thickness: 7.7 mm; Effective processing speed: under 2 min per slot. Slots were cut under 2 minutes on average. Waste parts fall down and can be recycled. 

Laser MicroJet® turning: Chess figure (pawn) machining

Watch this video to see how Laser MicroJet® (LMJ) is used to machine a chess figure (pawn) using laser turning process. Complex profile followed while workpiece rotates at 400 rpm; Aluminium rod: 3 mm diameter; Ra (roughness): 0.4 μm. 

First Automated Laser Faceting Solution for Diamond Manufacturers

All 57 facets of the diamond are cut in a single operation. The breakthrough sensor recognizes when a facet cut is complete and then automatically initiates facet changing. Cut offs are collected instead of polished away. The result is a fully shaped round brilliant. 

Cutting a 5 mm Hole in Thick Superalloy

Synova's LMJ is used to cut a 5 mm hole in 10 mm thick superalloy: Superalloy thickness: 10 mm; Laser power: 40W in the water jet; Roughness: RA 0.7um ISO 4287; Cycle time: 4 min 30 sec; Taper angle: 0.036°. 

Cutting 1 mm Diameter Holes in 8 mm Thick Polycrystalline Silicon

This video shows how cutting 1 mm diameter holes in 8 mm thick polycrystalline silicon using Synova Laser MicroJet®.

Cycle time: 22 seconds

Taper angle: 0.036°

Cutting Hexagons in 18 mm Thick Aluminium

This video shows how hexagons with a total lenght of 3 mm are cut into 18 mm thick aluminium using Laser MicroJet.
The side length is 1.73 mm and the cycle time is 2 min 50 secs.

Cutting 1 x 1 mm Squares in Thick Stainless Steel

Synova Laser MicroJet® is used to cut squares in 5 mm thick stainless steel. 
The cycle time is 40 seconds.

Cutting a Contact Ledge From Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN)

LMJ used to cut a contact ledge from a cubic boron nitride (CBN) block. The video nicely demonstrates multiple operations in a single process: cutting, drilling, 5-axis chamfering and profiling. Initial dimensions of the CBN block: Size: 12 x 7 mm; Thickness: 5 mm. 

The Constellation Diamond cut with Synova’s DCS 300

The world’s most valuable rough diamond (813 carat) was cut on a Synova DCS 300. Its LMJ technology ensures high precision, no heat damage, parallel kerfs, smooth cutting surfaces, sharp edges and minimal weight loss.

LCS 50 - Synova’s Most Compact and Cost-Efficient LMJ® machine

The extremely compact LCS 50 with 3 or 5 axes has been designed for small work pieces such as diamond tools, watch components and other small work pieces that require precision cutting, drilling, grooving or slicing.

Cutting of 813-Carat Gemstone with Synova's DCS 300

Watch this viedo to see how the 6 cm long “Constellation Diamond” was laser cut with Synova’s Diamond Cutting System DCS 300. Thanks to LMJ technology, parallel kerf walls are achieved and weight loss is minimized. 

LCS 305 - 3D Laser Machining Center for Diamond Tools

The LCS 305 is Synova's new ultra-precise and highly dynamic 3D laser machining center for the automatic production of diamond tools. 3D cutting, shaping and drilling of superhard materials.

Synova Japan Presents 3-Axis MCS 300 Machine

Synova Japan presents the MCS 300. The machine integrates Synova's LMJ technology with a Makino-based platform. The 3-axis machine enables high-precision metal and hard material machining such as cutting, drilling and grooving. 

Laser MicroJet (LMJ) Explained in 2 Minutes

This video explains the beginnings of Synova's "synergy of light and water", the working principle of the Laser MicroJet as well its advantages compared to conventional laser cutting.

LCS 305 - 5-Axis Laser MicroJet® Cutting System

The LCS 305 is a highly dynamic and precise 5-axis Laser MicroJet® cutting system for complex 3D applications in precision machining, aerospace, tool, automotive and medical industries. 

When Water Meets Light: Laser MicroJet Explained

LMJ solves a number of issues causing imperfections in traditional cutting methods. Click to learn about the working principle, benefits, and application areas of this “wet” laser technology.