Micro-Machining Centers

SYNOVA established four wholly owned local subsidiaries in the USA, Japan, Korea and India for optimized customer support. These have since been expanded to include micro-machining centers (MMCs). We plan for the future to develop our presence worldwide with new MMCs in Germany, Taiwan and China.

These subsidiaries serve as competence centers for demonstrations, sample testing and application developments. In addition, they offer regional micro-machining services for the industrial, diamond and semiconductor industries. The establishment of customer support centers in key locations throughout the globe fortifies Synova’s expansion efforts, providing an optimum environment for the company to better serve its worldwide customer base.

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The Synova MMC India is based in Surat, the world’s largest diamond cutting and polishing center. Synova is pleased to offer the DCS 300, the DCS 150 and the DCS 50 laser cutting systems to the diamond industry here, thereby catering to almost the entire range of diamond sizes that the industry processes. Through its unique LMJ technology, Synova offers diamond processors never before experienced advantages, such as minimal weight loss, fast cutting times, reduced damages to expensive rough stones and overall higher yields. The MMC in Surat is also available for job shop services.

MMC India

Address & Contact

Synova MMC India
Diamond World Complex
Office n° B107
Varachha Road, Near Minibazar
Surat - 395 006

Contact: Dipak Gandhi
Office: + 91 261 255 76 05
Mobile: +91 953 775 76 05
Email: dipak.gandhi@synova.in


For its MMC in Tokyo, Synova teams up with Makino, a renowned industrial machine manufacturer. This partner center bolsters Synova’s commitment to supporting its customer base in Japan and continues to fuel industry adoption of its Laser MicroJet® technology. Synova’s sales and support center enables Synova to strengthen its foothold in a region that is home to some of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers. 

Japan MMC (2)

Address & Contact

Synova MMC Japan

2-10-4, Nakane, Meguro-ku
152-0031 Tokyo

Contact: Dr. Yasushi Kozuki
Phone: +81 3 3725 6778
Mobile: + 81 90 6658 6158
Email: kozuki@synova.co.jp 

Website: http://synova.co.jp


Synova opened its MMC Korea in Sung Nam, the geographic center of Korea close to Seoul and to world-leading semiconductor manufacturing companies. Since it’s opening in 2012, the MMC has been very well received by customers in the semiconductor, LED, FPD, and Electronics industries. Not only semiconductor materials such as Si, SiC or GaAs, but also thin metals and ultra-hard materials such as PCD or CBN can be processed with the LDS 300 system on site. Customers also utilize the center’s job shop service for low volume productions.

MMC Korea (2)

Address & Contact

Synova MMC Korea
Star Tower n° 207
223-25 Sangdaewon
Sung-nam city (near Seoul)
Kyunggi 462-807

Contact: Alex Lee
Phone: +82 (70) 7772 2061
Mobil: +82 10 4393 0519
Email: seungsu@synova.ch 


The U.S. micro-machining center in Secaucus, New Jersey, supports customers throughout the North American region. The MMC is equipped with a LCS 50 and a LCS 300 M Laser MicroJet machine that are ideal for machining of thin metals and ceramics for industrial and medical applications, and cutting of hard materials such as monocrystalline and polycrystalline diamond (CVD, PCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN) or Silicon Carbide (SiC) as well as semiconductor dicing of silicon and III-V materials. Diamond-processing services are also offered. The use of the MMC is particularly well suited for feasibility testing, application development, early hardware builds, qualification runs, prototyping and low volume productions.


Address & Contact

Synova MMC North-America
1 Harmon Plaza 
Suite 102
Secaucus, NJ 07094

Contact: Jacques Coderre
Mobile: +1 (510) 396 56 64
Email: jacques.coderre@synova-usa.com