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Synova offers various job shop possibilities (cutting services) at our headquarters in Duillier, Switzerland and Synova’s own micro-machining centers (MMCs), based in Japan, Korea, India and the US.

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Job Shop Cutting Services

  • Tailor-made cut parts
  • Prototypes or small series
  • One-time occasions or on weekly/monthly basis
  • Large flexibility for cuts of complex geometries (from a simple CAD file)
  • Quality and precision
  • Attractive services and delivery times 


For more information, please contact us at one of the following addresses:




Synova SA

Synova S.A.

Synova S.A.
Route de Genolier 13
CH-1266 Duillier


First contact person:
Manuel Meizoso
Central Phone: +41 21 694 35 00


Micro-Machining Centers/ Subsidiaries

Synova USA

Synova USA, Inc (MMC)

Synova USA, Inc (MMC)
1 Harmon Plaza 
Suite 102
Secaucus, NJ 07094

Read more about our US based MMC



First contact person:
Jacques Coderre
Mobile: +1 (510) 396 56 64



Synova India


Synova Laser Technologies India, Pvt.Ltd (MMC)

Synova Laser Technologies India, Pvt.Ltd (MMC)
Diamond World Complex
Office n° B107
Varachha Road, Near Minibazar
Surat - 395 006

Read more about our Indian based MMC



First contact:
M. Dipak Gandhi
Office: + 91 261 255 76 05
Mobile: + 91 953 775 76 05


Synova Korea


Synova Korea (MMC)

Synova Korea (MMC)
223-25 Sangdaewon
Sung-nam city (near Seoul)
Kyunggi 462-807

Read more about our Korean based MMC



First contact person:
Mr. Alex Lee
Office: +82 (70) 7772-2061
Mobile: +82 10 4393 0519


Synova Japan


Synova Japan KK (MMC)

Synova Japan KK (MMC)
2-10-4, Nakane, Meguro-ku
152-0031 Tokyo

Read more about our Japan based MMC


First contact person: 
Mr. Yasushi KOZUKI 
Phone: +81 3-3725-6778
Cell: +81 90-6658-6158 


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