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How Our Clients Use LMJ Systems

With its customized solutions, Synova helps companies to be one step ahead of the competition.

Take a look at the case studies below to get a detailed insight of customer applications in the following industries:
Energy and AviationTool ManufacturingDiamonds and JewelryWatchmakingMedicalSemiconductors and Photovoltaics, Other Micro-Machining Applications


Energy and Aviation

 Product Challenge Material Process      Case Study  pdf
CMC Shrouds Aero02 vII LMJ was used to drill Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) shrouds - a gentle, precise, and high-volume processing for an exigent aero application. Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) Drilling Processing of CMC Shrouds
 Turbine blades Aero03 LMJ was used to process aero-engine components. Drilling, milling and cutting of up to a few mm thickness is possible.

Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC)
Ni Superalloy 


Processing of Aero-Engine Components
 Cooling holes Aero05 LMJ was used to drill cooling holes in turbine blades in coated superalloy. Chipping or micro cracking of the coating can be avoided thanks to this gentle process. Coated Superalloy Drilling Drilling of Turbine Blades 
Industrial gas turbine Aero04 High-speed drilling of shaped holes in blades and vanes with LMJ for industrial gas turbines without thermal stress and minimal recast resulting in a high quality surface finish.  Alloys Drilling
High-Speed Drilling of Shaped Holes
Gas turbine blades Aero06 Drilling of industrial gas turnine blades by avoiding heat related problems and maintaining high productivity by the use of LMJ. Alloys Drilling
Drilling of Gas Turbine Blades

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Tool Manufacturing


 Product  Challenge Material Process      Case Study  pdf     
 CBN Blanks Tool01 When cutting CBN blanks with LMJ the result exceeds the quality of dry laser cutting as heat damages and rough edges are avoided. Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) Cutting Cutting of CBN Blanks without Heat Damage
 Binderless Polycrystalline Diamond NEW Tool02 Fabricating top quality discs made of Binderless Polycrystalline Diamond with LMJ is less time- and tool-consuming than with conventional methods such as grinding. Binderless Polycrystalline Diamond (BLPCD) Cutting Cutting of Binderless Polycrystalline Diamond 
 Diamond tool inserts Tool03 When using LMJ to cut diamond tool inserts 99% of the diamond material can be removed at high speed before a final polishing step. HPHT Diamond Pre-Cutting Pre-Cutting of Tool Inserts
PCD and CBN tools Tool04 Cutting PCD and CBN tools without  micro cracks, HAZ, or oxidation is possible with LMJ.  The perfect verticality, narrow tolerances, low roughness, and sharp edges are convincing. Tungsten
Carbide Substrate
Finishing Cutting PCD and CBN Tools
Super Hard Tool Making Tool05 LMJ's higher quality 3D machining of inserts and complex multi-tip tools enables new applications with better operating cost.  Tungsten Carbide  Cutting Super Hard Tool Making

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Diamonds and Jewelry

 Cutting of Large Diamonds:

 Product Challenge Material Process Case Study  pdf
The Graff

The Graff Lasedi La Rona is the largest highest color, highest clarity diamond ever certified by the GIA. Thanks to parallel cutting with LMJ the weight loss is minimal.

Natural Diamond Cutting The Graff Lasedi La Rona
Queen of Kalahari

The 342-carat rough diamond has resulted in a set of 23 diamonds, the Garden of Kalahari. Highest precision could be achieved thanks to LMJ.

Natural Diamond Cutting The Queen of Kalahari
Cutting of large diamonds

The 813-carat Constellation Diamond is the most expensive rough diamond in the world. The resulting 313-carat ‘Constellation One’ is the largest D color emerald cut diamond ever.

Natural Diamond  Cutting 

The Constellation

143.56 carat diamond

This expensive and valuable diamond has been cut to perfection. LMJ ensures minimal weight loss thanks to parallel cutting.

Natural Diamond Cutting 143.45 Carat Diamond

Cutting for Jewellery Industry:

 Product Challenge Material  Process Case Study  pdf
Hole drilling Diam05

To link the diamond with the other jewellery part, a hole-drilling process might be required. With Syonova's LMJ the drilled holes are fully straight, no V-shape, no chipping at the hole entry and exit.

Natural Diamond Hole-Drilling Hole Drilling for Jewellery
Fancy Shaping Diam06

The LMJ is advantageously for fancy bruting due the its perfect cut at the outline of the diamond to create the shape profile. Less post-processing is required.

Natural Diamond  Bruting Fancy Bruting

Cutting of Lab Grown Diamonds:

 Product  Challenge Material Process Case Study  pdf 
Slicing of CVD Diam07

The aim is to obtain a maximum number of slices from the CVD crystal. Cutting with a constant parallel kerf and without tapering with LMJ ensures a higher yield.

CVD Crystal Slicing Slicing of a CVD Crystal
HPHT Diam08 vII

The goal is to get a maximum number of slices out of the HPHT crystal and to cut variable thicknesses ranging up to 12 mm.

HPHT Crystal Slicing Slicing of a HPHT Diamond
Coring Diam09

Replacing the long-serving dry laser slicing process with LMJ improved yield, straightness, smoothness, cracks, and throughput in coring and slicing CVD crystals.

CVD Crystal Coring
Coring and Slicing of a CVD Crystal
Graphite removal Diam10 The use of LMJ ensures a high quality coring and slicing process of CVD crystals and smooth surfaces as well as low roughness what requires minimal post treatments. CVD Crystal


Coring for Graphite Removal
Industry Diam11 The LMJ is used for cutting components with free froms of (almost) any geometry with high accuracy requirements (± 5 μm) from CVD crystals. CVD Crystal

3D Form Cuts

Lab Grown Diamond Material for Industry
 CVD seed slicing DIAM10 The challenge was to slice large CVDcrystals of up to 25 mm from a single direction and along the largest thickness, with a high quality. CVD Crystal Coring
 CVD Seed Slicing

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 Product Challenge Material Process Case Study  pdf
Watch components Watch01 vII

With very short warm-up and set-up times LMJ is a flexible and stable tool to cut watch components, no matter if it's for production or prototyping.

Gold Cutting Cutting of Watch Components for Luxury Watches
Oscillating parts Watch03

The LMJ is used to cut oscillating monolithic parts with complex shapes without deformation or heat affected zone but with the capacity to cut very thin bridges.

Cutting Cutting of Oscillating Parts
decorative watch componens Watch02

The LMJ is used to cut large series of up to 2mm thick decorative watch components for luxury watches.

Cutting of Watch Dials and Markers
Micromachinging Watch05

The LMJ is used for micromachining of high-tech parts reaching top quality/tolerances and better return on investment.

Micro-Machining of High-Tech Parts

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 Product Challenge Material Process Case Study  pdf
Silicon Blades Med02

The silicon blades for the first single-use, safety engineered surgical knife designed for use in cutting corneal tissue were cut with Synova's LMJ. 

Silicon Cutting Cutting of Silicon Blades
Nitinol stent Med03

LMJ was the perfect choice to receive a controlled/homogeneous roughness, narrow tolerances, no HAZ, and no reduction in strength cut cardiovasculaire stents.

Nitinol Cutting Cutting of Nitinol Stents

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Semiconductors and Photovoltaics

 Product Challenge Material  Process Case Study  pdf
Downsizing of silicon wafers NEW SEM01 The LMJ is used for gentle, precise, and fast processing for large inline production of power semiconductor devicesLow contamination of the workpiece is crucial.  Silicon Cutting Downsizing of Silicon Wafers
Singulation of silicon wafers SEM02 The LMJ  is used for hexagonal square or circular dies singulation for PressFIT Diodes and achieves a much better edge quality compared to grinding.  Silicon with gold coating Cutting Singulation of Silicon Wafers
Dicing of ceramic circuits SEM03

With LMJ, it was possible to establish a repeatabel, high-speed process for singulating substrates without damaging the adjacent circuitry.

Ceramic Dicing Dicing of Ceramic Circuits
Wafer Dicing SEM04 The LMJ is used for wafer dicing and device singulation. One of the advantages compared to a standard dicing saw is the elimination of the high operational costs for blades.

Advanced Materials such as GaN

Wafer Dicing
Hole drilling ceramic substrates SEM05 Drilling of via holes in ceramic substrates of thin film circuits with LMJ eliminates the hole-cleaning step and reduces cost of ownership versus CO2 lasers. Metal Deposition Photolithography Drilling Drilling of Holes in Ceramic Substrates
IGTB power chips SEM06 LMJ is the perfect choice to cut silicon carbide which is a challenging material to cut because of its hardness and brittleness. In this case it is used for IGTB Power Chips. Silicon Carbide

Edge Grinding
Edge Trimming

Cutting of IGTB Power Chips
CMOS Image Sensors SEM07 vIII

LMJ is used to trim edges of CMOS image sensors and proves superiority over EDM by significantly higher quality. 

Silicon Edge Trimming
Edge Trimming of CMOS Image Sensors
Silicon frames SEM08

Silicon frames are very brittle and request a gentle processing technology without any micro cracks and chipping. LMJ reaches high accuracy, straight walls, low roughness and is highly flexible.

Silicon Cutting Complementary Metal Oxide
TAIKO ring SEM09

Thin wafers are challenging to manipulate and to process due to the high flexibility and fragility. With LMJ the perfect TAIKO ring removal becomes possible. 

Silicon Cutting Taiko Ring Removal
Dicing of Platinum Iridium SEM10

LMJ was chosen to dice these highly sensitive platinum-iridium detectors in the form of microchips because it has several advantages over blade sawing.


Single Die Cutting

Cutting of Platinum-Iridium
Chamfer cutting SEM11

MJ is used to downsize 450mm silicon semiconductor wafers to 300mm and 200mm wafers, without any impact on the material.

Silicon Downsizing Chamfer Cutting
Cutting LED Chips SEM12 LED chips and packages are made of materials that are frequently difficult to cut mechanically. With LMJ one has high flexibility regarding materials and shapes.  Indium Gallium Nitride Cutting Cutting of LED Chips
Semiconductor Reactor Sub Assemblies LMJ is used for micro-machining semiconductor reactor sub-assembly parts with tight tolerances on thick,  hard materials in contact with reactive gas.

Silicon Carbide
Advanced Composites


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Other Micro-Machining Applications 

 Product Challenge Material Process Case Study  pdf
High tech parts WA05

LMJ is used for micro-machining of high-tech components for the watch, medtech, space and defense industry. It is the perfect tool for flexible, stable and heat damage-free processes.

Various Micro-Machining High-Tech Parts
Shaver Cap OMMA02 vII

Synova's LMJ is used for prototyping, cutting and drilling of highly demanding shaver caps. It meets all requirements such as damage-free, vertical, and precise processing.

Stainless Steel


Shaver Caps
CuBe OMMA03 LMJ is used for prototyping on CuBe as well as damage-free cutting and drilling. Compared to stamping LMJ has a higher flexibility for lower production volumes and no deburring is needed. CuBe 


High tech components NEW OMMA04

LMJ is the flexible and stable tool for heat damage-free processing of high-tech components for the medtech and micro-machining industry.

Various Prototyping
High-Tech Components
Platinum Electrodes OMMA05

The main challenge to cut platinum electrodes is to reach to the electrode which is welded more than 20mm deep in a cylinder. Processing with LMJ is much faster than with EDM. 

Platinum Cutting Cutting of Platinum Electrodes
Electrical Components OMMA06

LMJ is used to cut difficult-to-machine metal alloys for electrical components reaching high edge quality and accuracy. 

Metal Alloys Cutting Cutting of Electrical Components
shadow masks OMMA07

LMJ is used to cut and drill thin nickel masks, so called shadow mask patterning. Nickel foils are challenging to cut/ablate due to the large size and low thickness.

Nickel Foils Cutting
Shadow Mask Patterning
Cutting high precison metal parts JS01

Synova's LCS 800 was used for job shop of high precision parts. In this case, throughput and flexibility increased while quality remained the same as with etching and electroforming.

Metal Cutting Cutting of High-Precision Metal Parts

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