Tool Cutting Systems

Synova’s laser cutting machines offer fast and accurate laser machining solutions for the tool manufacturing industry. Laser MicroJet® (LMJ) systems are able to cut a wide range of materials such metals, ceramics, ultra-hard materials and carbide substrates as well as non-conductive materials such as SCD.  

The laser cutting systems with 3 axes are ideal for 2D cutting, drilling, grooving or slicing of PCD, MCD, PcBN or CVD diamond tool bits, leaving smooth cutting surfaces and sharp edges. The 5-axis machines enable high-precision 3D ablation (shaping) for cutting clearance angles and chamfering K-land edges. 

LCS (Laser Cutting Systems)

LCS 50

LCS 50

The LCS 50 with 3 or 5 axes is Synova’s most compact and cost-efficient Laser MicroJet® machine. The LCS 50 is ideal for finish-machining of diamond tools, watch components and other small work pieces that require precision cutting, drilling, grooving or slicing as well as 3D processing.  

LCS 150

LCS 150

The LCS 150 is a versatile laser cutting system conceived for micro-machining applications, such as cutting, drilling or grooving for a variety of industrial sectors. Different laser sources are available for this machine, allowing up to 200 W. 

LCS 300

LCS 300

The LCS 300 is Synova’s workhorse and most sold machine. This laser cutting system has a working area of 300 x 300 mm and enables high-precision machining of almost all metals, super-hard materials and ceramic for the watch, medical and tool making industry as well as precision mechanics.

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Typical Applications

These machines are ideal for the following industries:

Industrial Applications

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