XLS Laser Cutting System: XLS 1005


The XLS Laser Cutting System integrates Synova’s state-of-the-art Laser MicroJet® (LMJ) technology with a wide machine platform and table for large work pieces. The 5-axis XLS 1005 with optional C2 rotary axis allows high-precision 2D and 3D machining of metals and ceramics, free of heat affected zone (HAZ) and burrs.

The XLS 1005 with five simultaneous axes is specifically designed for 3D machining needs and drilling of cooling holes in hot section components of industrial gas turbines and jet engines. A wide range of materials such as superalloys with thermal barrier coating (TBC) can be processed in one single step, without cracks or delamination in the ceramic coating and extremely low recast in the metal structure.

Due to the large door, workpieces are easily loaded into the machine, either manually or by robot. Custom automation is available (e.g. conveyor belt, robotic arm).


Metals: Superalloys, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, nickel, titanium etc.

Ceramics: Ceramic-matrix composites (CMCs), silicon carbide (SiC), silicon nitride (SiN), zirconia (ZrO2), HTCC/LTCC, aluminium nitride (AlN), aluminium oxide (Al2O3)

Hard materials: Polycrystalline CBN (PcBN), polycrystalline diamond (PCD), single crystalline diamond (SCD), CVD diamond, tungsten carbide (WC)


3D cutting and shaping, drilling, slotting, grooving, trenching, milling, slicing, edge grinding, engraving, profiling

Key Benefits

  • Fast and Accurate 
    • High mechanical precision with a tolerance of          +/- 10 μm (very small kerf width down to 60 μm)
    • High aspect ratio in hole-drilling (up to 1:20)
    • Fast ablation of shaped holes (10-20 sec.)
  • Cool and Clean
    • Virtually no heat impact thanks to water jet cooling capability
    • Clean surfaces, no depositions or burrs
    • Cylindrical beam resulting in perfectly parallel kerfs and drilled holes
  • User-friendly
    • No laser focusing or distance control required
    • No need of resin or protective layers
    • No post treatment necessary

General Specifications

Version    XLS 1005
Maximum stroke mm (X, Y, Z)   1000 x 1200 x 1000
Accuracy (positioning)/Repeatability µm   +/- 10
Accuracy (positioning)/Repeatability (rotary axes) sec   +/- 20
Number of axes      5-axis
Laser Type      Diode pumped solid state Nd:YAG, pulsed 
Wavelength nm    532 
Dimensions machine  mm (W x D x H)   2450 x 3400 x 3300  
Dimensions cabinet mm (W x D x H)   700 x 2300 x 1600