DCS 50

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The DCS 50 is Synova’s most compact diamond machining system. The 3-axis machine is designed for cutting pointers (0.1 to 1.5 cts.). The DCS 50 with two additional rotary axes also allows high precision coning, blocking and fancy shaping. 

The machine uses linear motor driven X-, Y- and Z-axes (DCS 50-3) with additional B and C rotary axes enabling accurate diamond machining such as blocking and shaping (DCS 50-5).

The state-of-the-art CNC machine system offers a high-power green laser, a compact high-pressure water pump with an ultra-pure water unit, a touch-screen control panel and a vision system with motorized zoom.



  • Rough diamonds
  • Laboratory grown diamonds (CVD, HPHT)



3-axis machine: Sawing, slicing

5-axis machine: Sawing, pie sawing, slicing, drilling, fancy and round bruting, coning, blocking/ faceting



Key Benefits

  • Easy
    • No focus control necessary due to long working distance
    • No blackening, no opening, no double sawing needed
    • Very little post treatment required
  • Profitable
    • Minimal weight loss and low risk of breakage
    • Fast cutting time and easy processing
    • Diamond sawing in mass production
  • Straight and Smooth
    • Smooth cutting surfaces and sharp edges
    • Cylindrical beam resulting in perfectly parallel kerfs (no V-shape)
    • Virtually no heat impact thanks to the water jet cooling capability



General Specifications

Version    DCS 50-3    DCS 50-5
Working volume mm (W x D x H)    175 x 50 x 50    50 x 50 x 50
Accuracy µm    +/- 3   +/- 3
Repeatablility  µm     +/- 1   +/- 1 
Number of axes       3-axis   5-axis 
Laser Type      Diode pumped solid state Nd: 
YAG, pulsed 
   Diode pumped solid state Nd: 
YAG, pulsed
Wavelength nm   532   532
Dimensions machine mm (W x D x H)   800 x 1200 x 1650   800 x 1200 x 1650
Dimensions cabinet mm (W x D x H)   700 x 2300 x 1600   700 x 2300 x 1600