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High End Products for the Lab Grown Diamond Sector

In an exclusive interview with Bernold Richerzhagen , Chief Executive Officer at Synova SA, the New Jeweller UAE bureau gets to know the advantages of high end technology that is enabeling the lab grown diamond sector to create quality products. 

How useful is Synova's Diamond Cutting System for the Lab Grown Diamond Industry?

"Synova's diamond cutting systems are indeed extremely useful for the lab-grown diamond industry. All our machines employ the water jet guided Laser MicroJet (LMJ) technology which works on both CVD and natural diamonds, with no difference in the cutting process. To produce CVD diamonds, Synova's LMJ systems serve mutliple applications. They enable coring, which involves removing graphite around single CVD diamond crystals or grown clusters to obtain the cores. Our machines then faciliate parallel cutting of seed slices out of the obtained cores which serve then again to grow new CVD diamonds. The system also allows cutting the CVD blocks into the desired dimensions".

Read the excerpts here.