Job Shop

Synova offers various job shop possibilities (cutting services) at our headquarters in Ecublens/ Lausanne, Switzerland and Synova’s own micro-machining centers (MMCs), based in Japan, Korea, India and the US.


Job Shop Cutting Services

  • Tailor-made cut parts
  • Prototypes or small series
  • One-time occasions or on weekly/monthly basis
  • Large flexibility for cuts of complex geometries (from a simple CAD file)
  • Quality and precision
  • Attractive services and delivery times 


For more information, please contact us at one of the following addresses:




Synova SA

Synova S.A.

Synova S.A.
Chemin de la Dent d'Oche 1B
CH-1024 Ecublens


First contact person:
Manuel Meizoso
Central Phone: +41 21 694 35 00


Micro-Machining Centers/ Subsidiaries

Synova USA

Synova USA, Inc (MMC)

Synova USA, Inc (MMC)
48521 Warm Spring Blvd
Suite 314
Fremont CA, 94539
USA (West Coast)

Read more about our US based MMC



First contact person:
Jacques Coderre
Mobile: +510 396 56 64



Synova India


Synova Laser Technologies India, Pvt.Ltd (MMC)

Synova Laser Technologies India, Pvt.Ltd (MMC)
Diamond World Complex
Office n° B107
Varachha Road, Near Minibazar
Surat - 395 006

Read more about our Indian based MMC



First contact:
M. Dipak Gandhi
Office: + 91 261 255 76 05
Mobile: + 91 953 775 76 05


Synova Korea


Synova Korea (MMC)

Synova Korea (MMC)
223-25 Sangdaewon
Sung-nam city (near Seoul)
Kyunggi 462-807

Read more about our Korean based MMC



First contact person:
Mr. Alex Lee
Office: +82 (70) 7772-2061
Mobile: +82 10 4393 0519


Synova Japan


Synova Japan KK (MMC)

Synova Japan KK (MMC)
2-10-4, Nakane, Meguro-ku
152-0031 Tokyo

Read more about our Japan based MMC


First contact person: 
Mr. Yasushi KOZUKI 
Phone: +81 3-3725-6778
Cell: +81 90-6658-6158 


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