LCS 800

The laser-cutting machine LCS 800 is especially suited for high-precision cutting of stencils and metal masks. The large working area (optional 1000 or 1200 mm) allows cutting of any stencil size. The laser stencil-cutting machine has a CAM interface and the data can be automatically transferred to the NC controller.

Almost any aperture shape can be created with the very small beam diameter of 28 µm. A stencil-scanning solution is integrated, including through-cut check and repair functions. High speeds of up to 20 apertures per second can be achieved.

Thanks to water jet cooling, there is no heat-affected zone, no warping of the stencil, no oxidation and no discoloration, nor is there any mechanical damage. The water also prevents contamination and burrs. There are no gas emissions and all waste products are removed in the water flow.

In addition to the standard working area, extended working areas are also available. The machine is upgradeable because of its modular construction. Various other options are available, including chillers, transformers, individual stencil fixations and an ultra-high-speed fiber laser option for thin stencils. 


Stainless steel, nickel, molybdenum, invar and polyimide stencils


2D cutting, drilling, slicing, grooving

Key Benefits

  • Sharp and Smooth
    • Cylindrical beam resulting in parallel kerfs (no V-shape)
    • Smooth cutting surfaces and sharp edges 
    • Virtually no heat impact thanks to water jet cooling capability
  • Fast and Accurate
    • 60 x 60 µm square in 50 µm thick SST can be cut at a rate of 5 apertures per second 
    • High mechanical precision with a tolerance of less than +/- 5 μm
    • Very small kerf width (down to 30 μm)
  • Clean and Easy
    • Clean surfaces and np depositions
    • No or very little post treatment required
    • No focus control necessary due to long working distance

General Specifications

Version    LCS 800
Working volume mm (W x D)   630 x 850
Accuracy µm   +/- 5
 Repeatability µm    +/- 2 
Number of axes      2-axis
Laser Type      Diode pumped solid state Nd:YAG, pulsed 
 Wavelength nm    532/1064 
Dimensions machine  mm (W x D x H)   2000 x 1650 x 1800  
 Dimensions cabinet mm (W x D x H)   no