MCS 500

The MCS 500 in Makino’s machine platform offers a precise XYZ stage, a large sturdy mounting table and a cast iron machine frame. With its simultaneous 5 axes function is specifically designed for 3D machining needs and drilling in industrial gas turbine and jet engine components. 

The machines use linear motor driven X-, Y- and Z-axes with 4th and 5th axes enabling high-precision metal and hard-material machining such as cutting, drilling, shaping or grooving.

The hybrid water jet/laser method provides precise through-hole drilling in hot section components of industrial gas turbines for cooling that require special materials such as thermal barrier coatings. Super alloys with or without thermal barrier coating can be processed in one simple step, without cracks or delamination in the ceramic coating and extremely low recast in the metal structure.

Compared with conventional laser methods, the technology’s “wet” approach offers a less aggressive ablation process without causing heat damage. The water jet continually cools the cutting zone and efficiently expels contaminants from the work piece surface.

The control interface with touch screen functionality is ergonomically designed and provides access to all devices.

Thanks to built-in subsystems such as laser generation and water treatment, the overall LMJ system footprint is considerably reduced. The running costs of the LMJ systems are low since there is no tool wear, very few consumables and low waste rates.  



Metals: Super alloys, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, nickel, titanium etc.

Hard materials: Ceramics, polycrystalline CBN (PcBN), polycrystalline diamonds (PCD), tungsten carbide (WC), single crystal diamond, CVD diamond

Ceramic matrix composites (CMCs): Zirconia, alumina, silicon carbide



Cutting, drilling, grooving, shaping in 3 and 5 axes, trenching, milling, dicing, engraving, profiling

Key Benefits

  • Fast and Accurate
    • Drilling of 8 mm super alloy straight hole (diameter 30 mil/ 0.76mm) in 70 sec. 
    • High mechanical precision with a tolerance of +/- 1.5 μm (very small kerfs from 25-75 μm)
    • High aspect ratio in hole drilling (up to 1:25) of 20 mm super-alloy
  • User-friendly
    • No focus control necessary due to long working distance
    • No need of resine or protective layers 
    • No or very little post treatment, metal foils cut without burs
  • Smooth and Clean
    • No focusing beam convergence resulting in perfectly parallel kerfs and drilled holes
    • No mechanical stress and virtually no heat impact thanks to the water jet cooling capability
    • Cleaner surfaces and less scrap since all waste products are removed with the water flow
  • Low Running Costs
    • Very few consumables
    • No tool wear
    • Low waste rates


General Specifications

Version    MCS 500
Working volume mm (W x D x H)   500 x 400 x 500
Accuracy (positioning) µm (X,Y)   +/-1.5
Repeatability µm (X,Y)   +/-1
Number of axes     3+2-axis/5-axis
Laser Type      Diode pumped solid state Nd: 
YAG, pulsed
Wavelength nm   532
Dimensions machine mm (W x D x H)   2340 x 3440 x 2750