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Cutting Intelligence

Synova, a Swiss company that specializes in diamond-manufacturing equipment, is known for its expertise in laser-cutting technology. In 2020, it launched the DaVinci system, capable of cutting 57 facets of a round brilliant diamond in a single automated operation. Synova doesn't map the stones itself, instead, it utilizes files from leading third-party diamond-planning providers like Sarine Technologies, Lexus, or Octonus.

 By Isabella Yan

Al is set to play a larger role in Synova's cutting and shaping machines, according to Jörg Pausch, head of the company's diamond business. "Our processes [at Synova] are currently based on [pre]determined software routines. We are currently developing our premium product, the Da Vinci Diamond Factory, to integrate various sensors for collecting specific processing data." The company plans to use this data in machine-learning algorithms so it can adapt the manufacturing process in real time, he explains. "Today, the operators of our laser [sawing] machines observe the cut results of the diamond only after the machine has completed the process. We anticipate a future where adjustments to process parameters will occur during the process itself, leading to optimized results." There are also plans to incorporate traceability and blockchain processes, he adds.

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