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Laser Micro-Machining for Medical Technologies

Microweld specializes in implementing various laser technologies for cutting, welding, or marking products in the fields of medical technology, watchmaking, and precision mechanics. However, lasers tend to generate significant localized heat in the material, which can lead to degradation of the properties of sensitive materials.

 By Klaus Vollrath

"The installation of the Synova LCS 150, delivered to us last March, includes a rotary axis in addition to its three linear axes," explains Thierry Fradet. According to him, the experience of delivery, commissioning, and training was entirely successful. The use of the control system proved easy to learn. The fact that Microweld's staff already had prior experience with laser systems was a plus. As a result, the new installation was put into production in just a few weeks. Synova was responsive and efficient when Microweld had questions or encountered issues. The quality of the cutting edges and the micrometric precision of the LMJ system are particularly remarkable. While with "conventional" laser cutting processes, significant flank angles are inevitable, the new installation allows for deviations of only a few μm from the vertical, even for cut lengths on the order of a centimeter. Microweld was also able to make significant progress in cutting thin graphite films.

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