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DaVinci to Revolutionize Diamond Manufacturing Process

In an exclusive interview with Mr. Bernold Richerzhagen, President and CEO of, SYNOVA SA, the New Jeweller International Bureau got a chance to learn about the company's technological prowess in the Diamond Industry. Mr. Richerzhagen also opines on the DaVinci. 


Mr. Richerzhagen also opines on the DaVinci Diamond Factory which is pitted to transform the very process of Diamond Manufacturing in the near future. Excerpts: 

SYNOVA has an established equity in the diamonds and jewellery sector and has been servicing the sector for some time. Tell us about some of the key factors that have helped SYNOVA build its reputation in the Industry?      

Synova was founded in 1997 and its focus was primarily on high-precision 5-axis machining of sensitive material. We joined the diamond industry only 10 years ago. Synova's technology, the patented water jet guided laser, proved to be ideal for cutting diamonds; for the first time it was possible to laser cut a diamond with parallel kerfs, which drastically reduced weight loss. In addition, the lack of thermal stress, the surface finish and the speed made the Laser MicroJet the ideal solution for machining diamonds.     

Since then, we have brought a breath of fresh air to the traditional diamond industry because we have a different perspective and believe that the industry needs to adopt the latest technologies applied in other industries such as automotive or semiconductor. 

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