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Synova's Winning Partnership with Venus Jewel

When Synova bagged a confirmed order for its DCS 300 diamond cutting system from Venus Jewel, a leading diamond manufacturer, it marked a new phase in the partnership between two companies seeking continual improvement in diamond cutting technologies. 

By Nitin Shankar

Diamond World follows the moves of the two as they, through mutual interaction, fashion a machine uniquely adapted to the buyer/user’s requirements.

Venus Jewel has a track record for innovating with the latest cutting edge technologies. With more than 1500 employees, the company is focused on continually improving productivity in its diamond processing operations. They were possibly the first in Surat to install state-of-the-art planning systems and laser cutting machines from Israel and Belgium where they interacted with suppliers to obtain better performance. Venus Jewel recognised that Synova’s DCS 300 machine represented a quantum jump in laser cutting technologies and first decided to try it out by cutting some diamonds at Synova’s facility in Switzerland. The first trial yielded inconsistent results. Nevertheless, Rajesh Mandirwala, Venus Jewel’s Laser Manager, saw advantages in Synova’s proprietary Laser MicroJet® system.

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