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Laboratory Grown Diamonds for Industrial Application

The Synova LCS (Laser Cutting System) family of machines equipped with the patented Laser MicroJet combines the advantage of both water and laser cutting in one operation. This laser can slice hard synthetic diamonds for use as cutting tools with smooth edged surfaces.

By Nitin Shankar 

Bakul Limbasiya, Director, New Diamond Era (NDE), was relieved when the second Synova LCS (Laser Cutting System) 150 machine arrived in his facility in August 2015. 

Ever since NDE installed its first Synova LCS 150 system in 2012, the machine has been working on a 24-hour/7-day basis, machining synthetic diamonds for industrial applications. 

NDE, based in Surat (India), has pioneered in the development and production of synthetic diamonds for industrial applications. After many years of research, Limbasiya's team succeeded in producing laboratory grown CVD (chemical vapour deposition) diamonds on a large scale. 

Diamonds, as well as synthetic diamonds, are the hardest material known and this property makes them ideal for use as inserts for cutting tools. They are, however, so hard that only laser systems can machine them to required profiles or shapes. Therefore, laser cutting machines play an important role in NDE's production process. 

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