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World’s Most Expensive Rough Diamond Laser Cut in Israel with Synova’s DCS 300

Duillier, Switzerland, December, 2017 - The 813-carat Constellation Diamond, the world's most expensive rough diamond has been brought to Israel to be laser cut, in the first stage of its processing since the diamond was discovered in Botswana’s Karowe Mine by Canadian producer Lucara in 2015, says a press note from IDE. 

The Constellation Diamond, which is 6 centimeters long, was cut on a Synova DCS 300 laser diamond cutting system at the advanced Synova laser cutting facility located in the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE). 

IDE President Yoram Dvash said, “Having the Constellation Diamond brought to Israel for laser cutting highlights Israel’s role as the global technology capital of the diamond industry. This is the Diamond Exchange we strive for – innovative, creative and energetic.” Dvash’s statement underlines why IDE installed Synova Systems in its facility.

Renowned Swiss manufacturer Synova SA is the pioneer of the Laser MicroJet® (LMJ) technology, an innovative hybrid method combing a laser beam with a low-pressure water jet, which cools the cutting zone, removes debris and offers parallel kerfs. The water jet guided LMJ technology enables maximum precision and minimum waste in diamond cutting, reducing damage to expensive rough stones and providing higher yields.  

Many diamond manufacturers in India were early adopters of the cutting edge Laser MicroJet technology due to its outstanding performance and large spectrum of cost of ownership benefits.

Synova SA has established its subsidiary company Synova Laser Technologies (India) Private Limited in Surat (India) which also includes an advanced Micro-Machining Center (MMC) to provide stone analyses, sawing services, demonstration tests and after-sales technical support to its Indian customers. For more information about Synova’s laser diamond cutting machines and Synova’s diamond activities, please contact Jörg Pausch at or call +41 79 777 48 37. 

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Synova S.A., headquartered in Duillier, Switzerland, manufactures advanced laser diamond-cutting systems that incorporate the proprietary water jet guided laser technology (Laser MicroJet®) in a true industrial CNC platform. Customer benefits include significant yield and quality improvements in cutting, as well as enhanced capabilities for shaping, blocking, bruting and drilling. For more information, contact us at or visit our website at


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