Press release

May 17, 2021

DaVinci Diamond Factory - First automated full-faceting laser system for diamonds

The DaVinci Diamond Factory transforms rough diamonds into brilliant cut diamonds with up to 57 facets in a single operation. Polishing processes are reduced to a final smoothing step to remove the remaining thin black carbon layer. Customers achieve a higher polished yield out of their rough stones through greater accuracy, improved stone symmetry and reusable cut-off diamond chips. The machine perpetually guarantees the same high-quality output as throughput.

The “Diamond Factory” covers virtually the full rough-to-polished process making the entire diamond manufacturing pipeline extremely short and efficient. DaVinci substantially reduces diamond production time from some weeks to only a few hours. Diamond manufacturers can flexibly adjust capacity to meet fluctuating demand, but also freely choose production locations independent of where polishing labor is currently based. DaVinci also helps diamond manufacturers reduce capital expenditures through lower inventory and interest costs.

DaVinci Diamond Factory now also enables fancy shaping.

Watch the 3D animation and learn about the automated DaVinci diamond shaping process.